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We show companies the power of artificial intelligence and how effective strategies can be used to optimize business processes and increase sales.

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Design Illustration
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At RA Scale, we prioritize customer needs and satisfaction above all else.

Learning continuity

We strive for continuous development as a team in order to remain at the top of our field. 


We take responsibility for our work and focus on tangible customer results.  

ETH student project house - office

Supported by the ETH network

ETH Student Project House Logo

At RA Scale we have access to ETH Zurich's student and expert network. The proximity to the leading institution in the technology sector enables us to identify innovative solutions at an early stage and to ensure that our customers always have their finger on the pulse.


Analysis phase




Added value

  • Verifying Readiness to Launch with Machine Learning & AI

  • Identification and analysis of bottlenecks in existing processes

  • Capturing the greatest potential for Machine Learning & AI in topics and processes

  • Creation of a concrete action plan based on the results of the analysis phase

  • Application of process mapping according to BPMN for a clear and understandable representation of the steps in the area of machine learning & AI

  • Establishing high data protection standards and a protected environment for user and business data

  • Avoiding typical errors by using our AI expertise from ETH

  • Joint implementation of the action plan

  • Programming not for you, but with you in a partnership approach

  • Creating powerful solutions with agility and a modular structure

  • Automate your processes right from the start to generate added value

Allwi makes collective company knowledge available to everyone

With Allwi you can revolutionize your document search and analysis. By using LLMs you can automate and standardize complex information processes. Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction while reducing training costs. Discover intelligent knowledge management with Allwi.

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For medium-sized businesses: Products that substantially improve your business processes.

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