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Design Illustration


Design Illustration

The use of AI currently provides competitive advantages, but is essential for long-term survival. Here are some insights into our AI process optimization work with our clients.

Design Illustration


The impact of AI will be more profound than the discovery of fire and electricity.


Customer Kisling reference

AI automation for more efficient order processing

Kisling logo

Kisling AG

Kisling AG, founded in Switzerland, has been on the market since 1862 and is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality adhesives and sealants for almost all industries, OEM manufacturers and specialist retailers. They combine traditional values such as customer proximity and quality with innovative product strategies and a strong corporate culture. Kisling also attaches great importance to environmental awareness and sustainable production.

Our Solution

For Kisling, we were able to evaluate a specially created solution that automatically extracts data from orders received via email, carefully validates it with historical information from the ERP system, and integrates it seamlessly into the system. This software helps to optimize Kisling AG's ordering process, increase efficiency and simplify workflows.

Customer Geilinger reference

Delivery note management through AI integration

Geilinger logo

Geilinger AG

Geilinger AG is a company that has been established since 1845 and specializes in metal and facade construction. They offer high-quality facade systems and comprehensive services from advice to technical clarifications and installation. With well-thought-out solutions, optimized processes, and smooth interfaces, Geilinger AG stands for quality in every respect. Your employees are highly qualified and committed, which means that projects are implemented in a goal- and solution-oriented manner.

Our Solution

We were able to develop a strategic AI design for Geilinger AG, which focused on automating the delivery note process. The aim is that every physically incoming document is assigned accordingly via an AI integration based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and stored correctly in your document management system (DMS).

Customer Siprostahl reference

Automating shipping notifications for higher customer satisfaction

Sipro International logo

Sipro Stahl AG

Our Solution

SIPRO® STEEL SOLUTIONS is an experienced company in the global distribution of high-quality steel products. With a network based on long-standing and trusting collaboration, SIPRO constantly takes an active part in the innovation discourse. The company is characterized by its high level of flexibility and customer proximity as well as its commitment to sustainable service concepts.

As part of our collaboration with SIPRO Stahl AG, we were able to develop a strategic concept for automating delivery notifications. We have outlined a tailor-made software solution that uses artificial intelligence to automatically extract ready-to-ship notifications from the steelworks and send personalized email notifications to end customers.

Customer FO Identity Reference

Digital document storage

FO Identity Logo

FO Security AG

FO-Security AG is a renowned security printing company that specializes in the production of forgery-proof documents and ID cards. They offer a wide range of products with different security features, including credit card-style ID cards, vouchers, shares, toll stamps, and vignettes. They are also the proud holder of several ISO certificates and offer innovative, environmentally friendly solutions in the field of flexible packaging.

Our Solution

We were able to carry out a business environment analysis at FO Security AG and revise the document management system (DMS). As part of this project, we developed suggestions for AI-driven process optimizations to increase the company's efficiency. In doing so, we laid the foundation for AI readiness in the company.

Customer Misapor reference

Optimized product identification through AI integration

Misapor logo

Misapor AG

MISAPOR, founded in 1982 in Albula/Alvra, Switzerland, is a pioneer in the production and distribution of foam glass products. With facilities in Surava and Dagmersellen, the company produces around 250,000 cubic meters of foam glass annually from 98% recycled waste glass and operates customer service points in Switzerland, Germany and France. MISAPOR combines tradition with a spirit of innovation and employs a dedicated team of around 60 experts at home and abroad.

Our Solution

Based on the specific requirements of MISAPOR AG, we have developed a strategic concept that can significantly minimize the consulting effort required to prepare offers. Using a user-friendly UI/UX, our solution provides real-time identification of the appropriate product during a phone call. The underlying model includes a probabilistic decision tree system for product identification and the integration of ALLWI to precisely identify relevant products per use case. In this way, the internal service can be significantly optimized and the field service can be relieved at the same time so that both departments can concentrate on their core competencies.

Customer Municipality Schmerikon Reference

Integration of Allwi for the Schmerikon municipal administration

Municipality coat of arms logo

Schmerikon municipal administration

Our Solution

The Schmerikon municipal administration is actively addressing the challenges of digitalization. It has the clear aim of remaining technologically up-to-date in order to provide citizens with an optimized and efficient service, while ensuring the highest data security standards.

Integration of Allwi into Schmerikon's municipal administration enabled quick access to internal documents and the efficient answering of technical questions. Through AI-supported search and analysis, we reduced manual time, optimized decision-making processes and promoted staff independence. Security standards were always maintained through encrypted cloud storage and precise data queries. The result: more agile, data-driven and independent administrative management.

Customer Schmid Hutter reference

Automated calculation of tenders through AI integration

Schmid Hutter

Schmid Hutter AG

The company is rooted in German-speaking Switzerland with locations in Winterthur, Schaffhausen and Ossingen, where it specializes in the planning, implementation, and maintenance of HVAC systems. With modern machinery and a dedicated team of over 60 specialists and 10 apprentices, it produces technically sophisticated ventilation components and offers fast and flexible deliveries.

Our Solution

Given the challenge of a significant amount of manual work when calculating tenders, we have designed an automated process. This process uses the automatic extraction of NPK positions and applies specific calculation methods to enable faster and more efficient price discovery. This measure enables the company to handle a higher number of tenders in a shorter time frame, which has a positive impact on economic efficiency. At the same time, the likelihood of frustration when tenders are rejected is reduced as the resources invested in the calculation are adequately controlled.

Customer STS reference

Increased efficiency through intelligent project search

STS logo

STS sensor technology

STS sensor technology is synonymous with innovative strength and individually adapted solutions in the sensor sector. Specializing in piezo-resistive pressure and level sensors, the company enriches the economy with solutions that stand out for their high sensitivity and reliability and can precisely measure even the smallest pressure changes in the millibar range. Thanks to a modular product design, the sensors can be specifically adapted to the requirements of a wide range of industries, from the automotive sector to environmental technology.

Our Solution

For STS Sensortechnik, we were able to design “Allwi” in such a way that it makes it possible to search and analyze historical projects from the project business in natural language. This not only promotes efficiency when handling new projects, but also makes it easier to find and use valuable insights from projects that have already been completed.

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