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Artificial intelligence for modern medium-sized companies: These products strengthen your company

Design Illustration
Design Illustration


Product Illustration Allwi

Allwi, the 'all-knowing employee', specializes in the diverse information of your company. Perfectly trained on your specific company knowledge and supported by the latest large language models and hybrid search, Allwi makes the collective company knowledge easily and quickly accessible to every employee.


Product Illustration Sophia

Sophia, the 'Wise Order Capturer', specializes in reducing operating costs and minimizing errors in order processing. Through its seamless integration into your ERP structure, Sophia transforms the often inefficient and error-prone process of manual entry into a model of precision and efficiency.


Product Illustration Diana

Diana, the 'AI-based devising assistant', transforms bid creation by checking, summarizing and extracting construction information. It enables more offers to be created in a shorter time and promotes precise, resource-saving and, above all, scalable foreign exchange.

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